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job: wine commmunicator

Wine Folly is looking for wine communicators to help contribute to Wine Folly. We pay per article / content piece and would love to meet individuals who want to help contribute. We have three different types of contributors that we’re looking for: Wine Communicators, Wine Scientists, and Regional Experts.

1. Wine Communicator:

Writers working in the industry as sommeliers, distributors, or wine retailers with a strong background of tasting experience and communication to consumers about wine and its quirks. High level of interest in wine news and current events. Ability to back up statements with research and facts.

Topics include:
  • Food and wine pairing recommendations
  • Myths and facts about wine
  • Knowledge of the North American wine industry and how it works
  • Wine recommendations by region or style
  • Knowledge of wines in the US marketplace

2. Wine Scientists:

A writer with science of wine experience, and the ability to communicate to beginners. Ability to back up statements with research and facts.

Topics include:
  • Tastes, flavors, and aromas in wine
  • Wine additives knowledge
  • Viticulture and enology
  • Myths and facts about winemaking and viticulture
  • Awareness of current studies in science and wine
  • Current knowledge of winemaking and viticulture practices

3. Regional Experts:

Individuals currently working in the trade with extensive knowledge within their region. Good connections to trade within their region. Areas: California, Oregon/Washington, Italy, France, Spain/Portugal, South America, New Zealand/Australia, Others/Specialty.

Topics include:
  • Regional wine stories by topic
  • Up-and-coming or interesting stories to share about their region
  • Knowledge of current changes in their region of expertise

Contributor Responsibilities:

  • Create compelling stories
  • Ability to research, cite and talk about facts behind the content you produce
  • Work with online tools to collaborate with the Wine Folly team
  • Deliver on time


  • Professional english writing skills
  • Deep knowledge/passion about wine
  • Ability to take practical feedback and improve
  • Driven to help improve the experience of wine

Why Join Folly Enterprises?

Folly Enterprises are the people behind Wine Folly ( and Global Wine Database ( We are a group of driven, creative people making amazing products for both wine consumers and the industry at large.

Working with Folly is unique, we are a remote team located in Seattle, Calgary, San Diego, Atlanta, and London. We connect daily on video chat, but most of our best work comes out of independent focus. Being a global team allows us to have a flexible work environment. We’re focused on producing compelling user experiences and having a significant impact on the wine industry.

About Folly Enterprises

Connecting people to wine. Through online discovery, people connect with the stories and people who are making great wines. Wine Folly offers educational products, engaging content, and a web portal to a progressive, knowledge-driven wine culture.

Global Wine Database is a platform for wine data. Specifically, accurate wine information sourced directly from wine producers globally. Accurate information helps the industry at every level from farm to table.

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