From Sancerre to Pouilly-Fumé: Wine Folly Unveils Centre-Loire Wine Guide

July 9th, 2024

SEATTLE, WA — Wine Folly, the leading source of wine education and resources, is excited to announce the release of its newest wine region, focusing on France’s illustrious Centre-Loire. Known for its exceptional Sauvignon Blanc and diverse terroir, Centre-Loire is now a click away for wine enthusiasts worldwide through this comprehensive and beautifully designed guide.

Sancerre - Photo: Pierre Merat

Key Features of the Centre-Loire Wine Guide:

This new guide gives wine lovers an in-depth look at Centre-Loire's unique features, starting with renowned Sancerre and moving throughout Pouilly-Fumé, Reuilly, and more.

  • Detailed Wine Maps: Explore the geography and appellations of Centre-Loire with detailed, easy-to-read maps that highlight the region's key wine-producing areas.
  • Grape Varieties: Learn about the primary grape varieties that grow in Centre-Loire, with a particular focus on Sauvignon Blanc, the region's signature varietal.
  • Wine Profiles: Discover the flavors, aging potential, and food pairings of Centre-Loire wines, and gain a thorough understanding of what makes these wines significant.

Where To Find the Guide?

The Centre-Loire Wine Guide is now available on the Wine Folly website and is an essential resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and appreciation of French wines.

About Wine Folly

Wine Folly is a wine education company dedicated to making the world of wine more approachable and enjoyable for everyone. Through engaging content, visually stunning guides, and expert insights, Wine Folly helps wine lovers around the world learn more about wine in a fun and accessible way.

Since early 2021, Wine Folly has been creating region guides, producing over a dozen so far, each combining the simplicity and fun of Wine Folly with the depth of data from the Global Wine Database. By collaborating with renowned wine regions worldwide, Wine Folly ensures their guides are informative and engaging.

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