A “New” Wine Region with 160 Years of History.

June 4th, 2024

SEATTLE, WA — The newest region guide for wine enthusiasts around the globe is available from Wine Folly. This insider’s guide to the Idaho wine region spotlights American wine discovery with Wine Folly’s signature entertaining and approachable delivery. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey through the picturesque landscapes of Idaho’s flourishing wine country!

Why Idaho Wines?

Idaho’s wine scene is more than vineyards and grapes; it celebrates history and innovation. The Idaho Wine Guide is a passport to uncovering the hidden gems (it’s called the Gem State, after all) within the vineyards, valleys, and vintages that define this burgeoning wine region. From energetic reds to crisp whites, we’re showcasing Idaho’s diverse terroir and pioneering spirit, all with the signature flair of Wine Folly.

Wine Folly: Idaho

What’s Inside?

Essentials: Discover the nuances between Idaho's wine regions and styles, from the Snake River Valley and the Sunnyslope Wine Trail to renowned producers like Coiled Wines and Sawtooth Winery.

Vineyard Odyssey: Embark on a virtual tour of Idaho's wine country, exploring the unique soils and microclimates that shape each vintage's distinctive character.

Grape Revelations: Uncover the secrets behind Idaho's acclaimed varietals, including traditional reds like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon to compelling whites like Riesling and Viognier.

Historical Insights: Idaho's wine industry is steeped in tradition, with over 65 wineries and a history dating back to the 1860s.

Maps & Resources: Navigate Idaho's wine landscape with ease, from the rugged slopes of the Snake River Valley to the rolling hills of the Lewis-Clark Valley, using our detailed maps and curated resources.

Wine Folly: Idaho Map

Where to Find the Guide?

Embark on your Idaho wine adventure with the Wine Folly Region Guide for Idaho Wines. Your gateway to the Gem State’s vinicultural wonders is just a click away.

Who’s It For?

Our guide is for everyone who appreciates the beauty and complexity of Idaho’s wine culture! But it’s not just about the wine. If you’re here to admire stunning vistas and picturesque vineyards, we have plenty of eye candy to delight your senses.

Join the Expedition!

Ready to raise a glass to adventure? Head over to Wine Folly and immerse yourself in Idaho wines. It’s time to sip, swirl, and savor Idaho’s vinicultural tapestry.

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At Wine Folly, we believe that wine should be enjoyable for all. Whether you’re diving into the world of wine for the first time or seeking to expand your knowledge, we’re here to accompany you on your vinicultural journey. Explore more, taste better, and, above all, revel in the experience.

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