Discover America’s Cool Climate with Wine Folly’s Michigan Wine Region Guide

March 12th, 2024

SEATTLE, WA — Wine Folly, the leading digital wine education platform, today unveiled a dynamic new tool crafted to transport wine enthusiasts directly to the heart of Michigan’s diverse and burgeoning wine landscape.

The guide introduces users to the beauty of Michigan's wine country through a novel, engaging three-tiered education approach:

  • Discover the natural beauty and diversity of the region's wine regions;
  • Learn about the unique climate, terroir, and grape varieties that make Michigan wines so distinctive; and
  • Connect with the passionate vineyard owners and vintners who bring the magic of Michigan wine to life. This comprehensive approach ensures a full-spectrum wine discovery experience.

Wine Folly Region Guides: Michigan

Christine Marsiglio MW, Director of Education at Wine Folly, shares, "We're thrilled to unveil this immersive guide, crafted to bring wine lovers one step closer to Michigan's vibrant wine culture. By transitioning from textbook learning to a more experiential approach, we invite enthusiasts to discover, learn, and connect in ways never before possible.”

The guide exemplifies Wine Folly's innovative approach to wine education, encouraging a deep dive into Michigan's wine heritage while facilitating direct interactions with the state's wine-producing community.

Explore and begin your Michigan wine journey today:

For further details, contact:
Christine Marsiglio MW ([email protected])


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